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Music Video Production Melbourne

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

We’re very excited to show you our latest productions for Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

Last month Born Joy Dead released their single ‘Sourdough’ and we were so keen on the song, we approached them to do the music clip. They said “yes!” and the rest is music video history. Working with their concept of 80/90’s office training videos, we had a blast on set laughing at the band act, and of course making a mess with all that bread.

It’s a blast to watch too:

Music Video Production, Brisbane, Melbourne

Now onto something completely different – a couple of months ago we had the very special opportunity to film in one of Brisbane’s oldest structures; the Spring Hill Reservoir. This was for the dreamy new single by Post-Dusk – ‘PDFC’. The location suited the song to a tee, so with the help of a hard-working crew and the glitter-tinted vision of Director Pernell Marsden, we shot this visual spectacular over one day and night.

It’s been penned “a striking and gorgeous offering” by The AU Reveiw

Find out for yo’ self …

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

Apart from music videos, we’ve been pretty darn busy. On September 13 we had our third edition of our Simply Shorts Film Festival. This edition we focused on comedy with our delightfully named ‘Skits & Giggles’ screening. 20-odd short films & skits were laughed at by our 110 guests, with music videos shown during the intermission for those music lovers. We’re still waiting on photos from the night and we’ll post them here once released, along with more of a blog.

Another project keeping us busy was the Brisbane 48 Hour film Project. We’ll post up another blog once the screening has past and if we’re nominated for any awards. But for now, below is a pic of the legends who made it happen (well, most of them anyway).

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

But for now, we’ll keep on being busy, like Dickens here …

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

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