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Music Video Production Melbourne

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

Here’ another release as part of our Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne services.

Jonathan Mark Hayden got in contact wanting a music video for his new single Fields of Plenty.¬†How could we resist? So we went to work puttng together a concept that fitted Jon’s lyrics – world poverty vs the wealth we have in developed countries. It’s pretty easy to forget, or take for granted, that we live in such a lucky country. That’s why we wanted to showcase what beautiful land we live upon. So we traveled throughout the the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterlands, beaches and valleys – breathtaking green mountains and hills meeting the deep blue sky. There’s Brisbane city through the middle of the song too, this is to comment on our wealthy development, that sometimes borders on greed over community.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

We have some more music video action coming this way too. In the coming month we’ll be releasing 2 more clips of varying styles. One will make you laugh while the other will make you, um … hopefully drift off into a better place.

Our next Simply Shorts film festival ‘Skits & Giggles’ is fast approaching too. Only 9 days left for submissions! If you happen to be reading this and you have a comedy short film, skit, sketch or webisode we wanna see it. We’re also accepting music videos and trailers of any genre.

skits n giggles poster

Music Video Production Brisbane, Melbourne

For a bit of fun, we’re also released some silly little clips we like to call Stox. Old black and white footage that we’ve complimented with voice-overs and sound effects. It should make you laugh at least once or twice, three times if you’re lucky.

We’ll be back with some new music videos soon. I promise.

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